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Frogfish find at Timba Timba

~Michelle’s Diary~

During a diving trip to Timba Timba at about 9meters Michelle found a baby Orange giant frog fish.  Very delighted with her find but having no camera she marked the place and surfaced to borrow a camera so she could capture an image for the blog.



baby Orange giant frog fish

baby Orange giant frog fish

Michelle with frogfish

Michelle with frogfish


  1. Charles says:

    Hey Sally! Nice work for the frogfish! Only happen to see it on internet – no actual contact. It’s really good to find you here at Pom Pom island , can’t find you at Facebook where we had a game. Hope you can send me an email through this ( bercasio.charles@klsm.jp.kline.com ) – my email add. hoping to hear from you soon. keep up the good work.

  2. Sally says:

    Thanks, Jason for the comment. Last two days, with an English guest, Sally found a crown frogfish and giant frogfish !!!

  3. QWE says:

    frogfish!!!! Nice!

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