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~Sally’s Diary~

We have a new volunteer turtle patrol member who has joined us and last night (Bomo) patrolled with the turtle patrol for the first time.  He was very successful and within 20 minutes of starting the walk round, he found a Hawkbill turtle about to start nesting.  She took some time to decide which place to lay her eggs, looking for the right place.  Unfortuantely, where she had choosen, was very close to the tide line.  We waited carefully until she had finished, she took a “Bath” where she cleans herself with the sand, then returned safely to the sea.  We took measurements and she was pretty big, her shell was 79cm long by 70cm wide so probably quite old.

We relocated the eggs for safety to our new hatchery and will keep you posted when they hatch




Patrollers collect eggs carefully...

Mother turtle goes back to the sea after laying eggs.....

Ray & Bomo, Good Job !!!

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