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Egg Station

No, not for turtles this time!  This is a new breakfast service for our guests.  Our kitchen staff take it in turns each morning to prepare your eggs freshly for breakfast exactly how you want them.



You can choose from omelette, scrambled eggs, poached and fried eggs plus more.  Wasli was busy this morning preparing a nice omelette for some guests, I had one yesterday and it was perfect, and as it is the one thing I can’t cook without making a mess,I was very impressed.

メニューはオムレツにスクランブルエッグ、目玉焼き。私のおすすめはアツアツほかほかのオムレツ☆ 今朝のエッグステーションはワスリが担当。ゲストのリクエストにこたえてオムレツを作っていたわ。ワタシ、オムレツをきれいに焼くのって苦手なのよね。。でもワスリが作ったオムレツ、上手に出来ててほんとにおいしそうだったわ!


  1. chiemi says:

    Hi, Mr.Eric ! You can enjoy eggs breakfast every morning in Pom Pom☆ We are looking forward to seeing you soon !

  2. Eric Lacey says:

    Good timing! I will be there in a couple weeks and love eggs in the morning.

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