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Green Turtles hatched 2 nights ago

Recently,  it seems to have been all baby Hawksbill Turtles hatching, so it was nice a couple of nights ago to have a nest of Green Turtles hatch.  They look a little different from the Hawksbill Turtles, the shells are a little bigger and rounder plus they seem to be stronger when running down to the sea.  When we released this batch, they moved very, very quickly to the sea, within 1 minute they had all gone into the water.   All our guests came to watch the release, they could see Raimond get the babies ready to be released.  At the beach it was a little harder to see the turtles as we ban any artificial light or flashes from cameras to allow the turtles to enter the water naturally, but your eyes adjusted so it was no problem to see the turtles running into the sea.


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