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Pom Pom Resort Support Coral Frame Deployment Project at Mantabuan Island!

On the 20th September 2012, Pom Pom Island Resort participate the Coral Frame Deployment Project at Mantabuan Island. 5 staff from Pom Pom Island participate it (Melissa, Eleonora, Martina, Maison and Ferdinando) and 2 in house guests from France (Mr. Herve Defrancq and Ms. Pauline Prud’Homme).

Pauline (our in-house guest) planting a corals

Herve (our in-house guest) planting the corals

We were really enjoyed planting the corals. Same goes with our in-house guest. They were really happy & enjoy have the chances to plant a corals.

Thank you very much for supporting our effort in restoring the coral habitat in the Coral Triangle area.

“We enjoy planting the corals!”

Ele, Martina & Masman!


“Thank you for being part of the solutions and thank you for making a difference!”


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